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Alan Richardson CandobasketballCan Do Basketball was created to develop and promote the education and training of basketball officials.

In 1989 a Churchill Travel Fellowship allowed Alan Richardson to visit the USA for 10 weeks to study the methods of training used in high schools (NFHS), colleges/universities (NCAA) and the professionals (NBA). Since that time, through various mediums, the education and training of referees and coaches in joint settings has been widely promoted and well received throughout Europe and the basketball world. Using a network of global experts and exchanging ideas/materials it has been possible to offer training and support to many levels of officials ranging from newly qualified to international.

Alan is currently a Consultant for FIBA Europe Referee Department,FIBA Europe Instructor and Coordinator of the Potential Referee Coaching Group.

“Education is a lifelong process, we never stop learning. With opportunity comes responsibility”

(Winston S. Churchill)

Working history

Basketball Curriculum Vitae
National League. Since 1974 to 1998. Cup Finals. 16 Wembley Final Fours.
20 FIBA Referee 2831. Qualified 1978. Bucharest, Romania.
Referee Experience
European Clubs Championships. 1978-1998. 335 games
European Nations Championships. 1978-1998. 167 games
FIBA Cup Finals and World/European Championships Finals
1981 Korac Cup Final, Spain.
1982 European Junior Women’s Championships, Finland.
1983 European Junior Men’s Championships, Germany.
1984 Cupwinners Final, Belgium.
1985 European Men’s Championships, Germany.
1986 World Championships for Men, Spain.
1987 European Men’s Championships, Greece.
1989 Maccabiah Games, Israel.
1990 Korac Cup Final, Spain.
1990 World Championships for Women, Malaysia.
1991 European Men’s Final Four, France.
1991 World Student Games, England.
1992 Tournament of the Americas, USA.
1993 European Women’s Final Four, Spain.
1994 Korac Cup Final, Greece.
1994 European Men’s Under 22 Championships, Slovenia.
1995 Korac Cup Final, Germany.
1995 European Men’s Championships, Greece.
1996 European Cupwinners Final, Spain.
1996 Oceania Tournament, Melbourne, Australia.
1997 European Women’s Championships, Hungary.
1998 World Championships for Women, Germany.
Invitation Tournaments
Pre Olympic. France.1984, Holland. 1988, USA. 1992.
WICB. London. 1982-1992.
Real Madrid Torneo Navidad. Spain. 1984, 1989.
Roy Curtis, Dublin. 1985-1996.
Oporto International, Portugal. 1988.
USSR Super Cup Final Play-Offs, 1988.
French Federation Tornoi Noel, Paris. 1985, 1991, 1994.
Trophee Legrand, Limoges, France. 1992, 1993.
Haarlem Basketball Week, Holland. 1992-1998.
FIBA All Stars v France. 1995.
FIBA All Stars v FC.Barcelona. 1996.
FIBA Commissioner
Qualified 1998. Prague. Czech Republic.
European Championships for Young Men. Malmo Sweden. 1999.
Final Four for Men. Thessaloniki, Greece. 2000.
FIBA. Clinics (Referee Participation)
1978 Bucharest, Romania.
1980 Luxembourg City.
1984 Maidenhead, England.
1988 Cadiz, Spain.
1992 Sheffield, England.
1994 Papendal, Holland.
FIBA/FIBA Europe Referee Candidate Clinics. (FIBA Staff Instructor)
1997 Kapfenberg, Austria.
1997 Patras, Greece
1997 Wrocklaw, Poland.
1999 London, England.
1999 Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.
2000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.
2000 Bondy, France.
2010 Mannheim, Germany
2011 Gaziantep, Turkey
2012 Mannheim, Germany
2013 Sakarya, Turkey
FIBA Referee Revalidation Clinics. (FIBA /FIBA Europe Staff Instructor)
1998 Birstonas, Lithuania.
1998 Dubrovnik, Croatia.
1998 Tomar, Portugal
2012 Freising, Germany.
FIBA Rules Instructor Clinics
1994 Munich, Germany.
2005 Las Palmas, Spain
2006 Las Palmas, Spain
2007 Las Palmas, Spain
2008 Las Palmas, Spain
2009 Las Palmas, Spain
2010 Las Palmas, Spain
FIBA Referee Instructor Clinics. (FIBA Staff Instructor)
1997 Bratislava, Slovakia.
1999 Bratislava, Slovakia.
2009 Las Palmas, Spain
2010 Las Palmas, Spain
2011 Las Palmas, Spain
2012 Las Palmas, Spain (Programme Organiser)
2013 Las Palmas, Spain (Programme Organiser)
FIBA Europe Tournament Referee Supervisor
2007 U.20. Men’s European Championships, Warsaw , Poland
2008 U.20. Men’s European Championships, Targu Mires, Romania
2009 U.20. Men’s European Championships, Skopje, Macedonia
2010 U.18. Mens European Championships, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 U.16. Mens European Championships, Bar, Montenegro.
2011 Women’s Eurobasket, Poland.
2011 U.20 Mens European Championships, Bilbao, Spain
2011 Mens Eurobasket. Lithuania.
2012 U.20 Mens European Championships, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2013 U.18 Men’s European Championships, Riga, Latvia
2013 Men’s Eurobasket, Slovenia
ULEB Euroleague Clinics. (Clinic Instructor)
2000 Lipica, Slovenia
2001 Barcelona, Spain
2001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2002 Frankfurt, Germany
2002 Treviso Summer Camp, Italy
2002 Gran Canaria, Spain
2003 London, England
2003 Treviso Summer Camp, Italy
2003 Crete, Greece.
2004 Haarlem, Holland.
2004 Treviso Summer Camp, Italy
2004 Crete, Greece.
2005 Montjuic, Spain
2005 Treviso Summer Camp, Italy
2005 Antalya, Turkey
2006 Malaga, Spain
2006 Jesolo Summer League, Italy
2006 Athens
2007 Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Jesolo Summer Camp, Italy
2007 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
2007 Malaga, Spain
2008 Madrid, Spain
2008 Zagreb, Croatia
Invitation Referees Clinics. (Staff Instructor)
1987 Kuwait Basketball Federation.
1989 NCAA Division 1 Camp, Georgia, USA. (Observer).
1989 NBA Summer League Camp, Los Angeles,USA. (Observer).
1989 NAIA Officials Camp, Holy Cross, USA. (Observer).
1991 NCAA Division 1 Camp, Gettysburg, USA.
1993 Nationwide Referees Camp, Leeds.
1993 NCAA Division 1 Camp, Tennessee, USA.
1994 Spanish Basketball Federation, Baleares, Spain.
1994 Nationwide Referees Camp, Bracknell.
1995 Isle of Man Referees Camp.
1995 Nationwide Referees Camp, Loughborough.
1996 Nationwide Referees Camp, Loughborough.
1997 Adidas Elite Referees Camp, Loughborough.
1997 Israel Basketball Federation, Ein Gedi, Israel.
1997 Irish Basketball Association, Limerick, Eire.
1997 Icelandic Basketball Federation, Reykjavik, Iceland.
1997 Netherlands Basketball Association, Haarlem, Holland.
1998 NCAA Division 1 Referees Camp, South Carolina, USA.
1998 NCAA Division 1 Referees Camp, Georgia, USA.
1998 Nationwide Referees Camp, Loughborough, England.
1998 Greek Basketball Federation, Athens, Greece.
1999 Netherlands Basketball Association, Rotterdam, Holland.
1999 Greek Basketball Federation, Thessaloniki, Greece.
1999 NIKE Eurocamp, Barcelona, Spain.
1999 Nationwide Referees Camp, Nottingham, England.
2000 Swedish Basketball Federation, Sodertalje, Sweden
2000 Romanian Basketball Federation, Ploesti, Romania
2000 Nationwide Referees Camp, Millfield, England
2000 Austrian Basketball Federation, Vienna, Austria
2001 Swedish Basketball League, Sodertalje, Sweden
2001 Turkish Basketball Federation, Istanbul, Turkey
2001 Canarias Basketball Federation, Las Palmas, Spain
2001 Catalan Basketball Federation, Barcelona, Spain
2001 Portuguese Basketball Federation, Ovar, Portugal
2001 Nationwide Referees Camp, Millfield, England
2002 Catalan Basketball Federation, Barcelona, Spain
2002 Yugoslavian Basketball Foundation, Zlatibor, Yugoslavia
2002 Austrian Basketball Federation, Steinberg, Austria
2002 Swedish Basketball League, Sodertalje, Sweden.
2002 Nationwide Referees Camp, Millfield, England
2003 Scania Cup Referees Clinic, Sodertalje, Sweden
2003 Scandinavian Federations, Goteburg, Sweden
2003 Serbian Basketball Federation, Kopoanik, Serbia
2003 Nationwide Referees Camp, Millfield, England.
2003 German Basketball League, Frankfurt, Germany.
2003 Basketball Scotland Clinic, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2003 Eurobasket Clinic, Boras, Sweden
2003 Portuguese Basketball Federation, Albufeira, Portugal
2004 Scania Cup Referees Clinic, Sodertalje, Sweden.
2004 Goteberg Basketball Festival, Goteberg, Sweden.
2004 Catalan Basketball Federation, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Nationwide Referees Camp, Millfield, England
2004 Norwegian Basketball Federation, Oslo. Norway.
2004 England Basketball Clinic, Worcester, England.
2005 Nationwide Referees Camp, Millfield, England.
2005 Serbian Basketball Federation, Kopaonik, Serbia
2005 East meets West Camp, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2005 Norwegian Basketball Federation, Oslo, Norway
2005 England Basketball Clinic, Hatfield, England.
2005 Cyprus Basketball Federation, Nicosia, Cyprus.
2005 Polish Basketball Federation, Wroclaweck, Poland.
2006 Goteborg Basketball Festival, Goteborg, Sweden
2006 East Meets West Camp, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2006 Millfield Camp, Somerset.
2006 YUBAC Camp, Kopaonik, Serbia
2006 Norway Federation Clinic, Oslo
2006 England Basketball Clinic, Cardiff
2006 ACB Referees Clinic, San Cugat, Spain
2006 Haarlem Basketball Week, Holland.
2007 Saudi Arabia Federation, Jeddah.
2007 PBA Referees Clinic, Manila, Philippines.
2007 Goteborg Basketball Festival Clinic, Sweden.
2007 Nationwide Referees’ Camp, Millfield , England .
2007 BAP-SBP Referee Clinics, Manila & Cebu , Philippines .
2007 England Basketball Clinic, Newcastle, England.
2007 Macedonia Basketball Federation, Struga, Macedonia.
2008 Nationwide Referees Camp, Noordwijkhout, Netherlands.
2008 Slovak Basketball Federation, Bratislava, Slovakia
2009 Belgian Basketball League Clinic, Leuven, Belgium.
2009 Scania Cup Referees Clinic, Sodertalje, Sweden.
2009 Goteborg Basketball Festival, Goteborg, Sweden.
2009 SBP Referee Clinics, Manila, Philippines.
2009 FIBA Europe Potential Referees and Instructors Clinics, Las Palmas, Spain.
2009 Candobasketball Referees Camp, Nottingham, England.
2009 England Basketball Clinic, Worcester, England.
2009 German BBL Clinic, Leverkusen, Germany.
2009 Portuguese Basketball Federation, Faro, Portugal.
2010 Nordic Cup, Stockholm, Sweden.
2010 FIBA Europe Potential Referees and Instructors Clinics, Las Palmas, Spain.
2010 Candobasketball Referees Camp, Samokov, Bulgaria.
2010 German Federation Clinic, Hamburg, Germany.
2010 FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate Clinic, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2010 Basketball Scotland Referees Clinic, Perth, Scotland.
2010 England Basketball Clinic, Worcester, England.
2011 Saudi Arabia Federation, Dharam.
2011 Candobasketball Referees Camp, Varna, Bulgaria
2011 Finnish Basketball Federation Clinic, Espoo, Finland.
2011 Russian Basketball Federation Clinic, St.Petersburg, Russia.
2012 Basque Basketball Federation Clinic, Bilbao, Spain.
2012 Nordic Cup Clinic, Stockholm, Sweden.
2012 Candobasketball Referees Camp, Samokov, Bulgaria.
2012 Serbian Basketball Federation Clinic, Belgrade, Serbia.
2012 England Basketball Clinic, Nottingham, England.
2012 Ukraine Basketball Federation Clinic, Kiev, Ukraine.
2012 Qatar Basketball Federation Clinic, Pravetz, Bulgaria.
2012 Oman Basketball Federation Referees Camp, Muscat, Oman
2013 Candobasketball 20th Year Referee Camp, Borovets, Bulgaria
2013 Russian Basketball Federation, St.Petersburg, Russia
2013 Serbian Basketball Federation, Zlatibor, Serbia
2013 Oman Basketball Federation, Muscat, Oman
Publications. (FIBA Monthly Magazine)
Vol.1 No.2. June Charge and Block.
Vol.1.No.4. August Screening, Verticality and Rebounding.
Vol.1.No.5. September Pre-Game Conference.
Vol.1.No.6. October Instructions and Advice to Officials.
Vol.1.No.7. November Officiating Philosophy.
Vol.1.No.9. January Do we need Three Referees?
Vol.1.No.10. February The Physical Preparation of Referees.
Vol.1.No.11. March The Significance of Communication.
Vol.1.No.12. April What makes a good referee?
Vol.2.No.2. June Contact and Dead Ball Efficiency.
Vol.2.No.3. July Don’t blow it unless you see it.
Vol.2.No.6. October History without headaches.
Vol.2.No.7. November Basketball Officiating Checklist.
Vol.2.No.8. December Rule 41. Timeout for injury.
Vol.2.No.12. April An enormously educative experience.
FIBA Technical Commission Instructor Training Book
Euroleague ULEB Mental Skills Training for Instructors and Mentors
Euroleague ULEB DVD on Three Man Mechanics System of Officiating.
FIBA Assist. Magazine. Mental Skills for Referee Mentors.
FIBA Assist. Magazine. Play Situations
FIBA Assist. Magazine. Issues in Relationships.
FIBA Assist. Magazine. Refereeing Post Play.
FIBA Assist. Magazine. Concentration.
FIBA Assist. Magazine. Techniques for Concentration.
National Federation
England BasketballFIBAFIBA EuropeULEB
(1996-2000) Technical Director.
(1993-96) (2004-present) Director of Officiating.
(1993-96) (2004) Executive Board Member.

(1994-present) FIBA Rules Instructor.
(1997-2000)(2004 to present) FIBA National Referee Instructor.

1997-2000 FIBA European Clinic Director
1998-2000 FIBA World Advisory Rules Group. Munich
1997-2000 FIBA Technical Department Training Staff.
2006-2010 FIBA World Referee Instructor
2008 Potential Referee Coach Development Group
2009 European Technical Commission.
2010 Referee Department Consultant.
2000-2009 Technical Adviser and Clinic Director
1989 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. Presented by HM Queen Elizabeth II.
“The Technical Development of Basketball Officials in the USA.”

1995 The Sports Council Services to Sport Award.
“Services to Basketball in the Northern Region.”

1999 The Greek Basketball Federation Special Award.
“Services to the sport of Basketball”

2009 Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.
(Education / Sport)